Theft protection Mobby

The transport wheelchair Mobbyhas a weight of approximately 35 kilograms. This is hard to steal, but sometimes this is not sufficient and the Mobby can provide theft prevention options. There is also a track and trace system that can be supplied, but there must be a sufficient WiFi or RFID system.

  • Diefstal preventie MobbyIV pole Ø 16mm with hooks INOX
  • Caddy3 optionsAnti-theft pole Ø16mm INOX, possible with flag
  • Caddy3 optionsKey-lock system, all identical keys, blocks the break. Mobby remains on break
  • Caddy3 optionsCoinlock holder INOX with coinlock
  • Diefstal preventie MobbyCardlock with or without coin possibility
  • Diefstal preventie MobbyKeycard belonging to the cardlock
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